Preacher: Dr. Lap Yan Kung

It is a sensitive issue to friend or unfriend in the world of facebook. To unfriend means that I no longer share my stories and encounters with a friend, similarly, I am no longer concerned about your stories and encounters. To unfriend does not necessarily mean to become an enemy, however, the relationship could be even worse than an enemy, because the acquaintance become the strangers. In the mindset of friend and unfriend, the implications for a sexual minorities friendly church would be as follows: 

1. Request and acceptance: Request. I send a friend request to somebody, because I want to become a friend of that person. It might be due to curiosity, but definitely not due to my pity on someone or teaching

Covenant of the Rainbow: Towards a Truly Inclusive Church*

Second Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship

The ‘Covenant of the Rainbow: Towards a Truly Inclusive Church’ campaign, initiated by Christian organizations, local churches and theological student fellowships from diverse backgrounds in Hong Kong on March 17, 2013, will be celebrating the campaign’s second anniversary on May 9, 2015.

Christ’s resurrection has given us new life. We believe God loves everyone. We affirm all lives and uphold